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I’m Lynnsay - I’m a Marketing Manager working within the agency team here at Raconteur.

I joined Raconteur in June 2018 - right in the middle of World Cup fever -  as a Digital Marketing Executive. Previously, I had been working for a wine company in their content marketing team, but I was looking for a role that was more focused on digital marketing that would give me the opportunity to really own a digital strategy. The role at Raconteur gave me just that. 

Other than the role itself, what really attracted me to Raconteur was the chance to work with incredibly talented people who lived and breathed marketing. I had finished my masters in International Business and Marketing in 2017, so working for a company that published the best business content and worked with the marketing teams at brands such as Google and KPMG seemed like a dream come true!

One of the best parts of working here is that hard work and performance is truly recognised and rewarded. I got to experience this first-hand after being promoted to Senior Marketing Executive after 4 months - meaning I got to have more responsibility and opportunities to own parts of the digital marketing strategy, which I don’t think I would have had the chance to do if I worked anywhere else. 

As of June 2019, I’m in the role of Marketing Manager and work within the Agency team. The team that I’m in is a bit unconventional - as I am the only marketer and my colleagues are all in sales. This seemed a bit daunting at first, as our day-to-day jobs are very different. But ultimately, being in a team with such commercially-minded people has given me the chance to learn so much about how our business is run. 

Moreover, from a marketing perspective, I’m closer to our customer than ever before. I work closely with the account directors on my team to design campaigns that will engage our target audience and generate leads, as well as help them with proposals and pitches that they are preparing for potential clients. 

My role in the business is a bit of a unique one as my remit covers two key areas: managing the marketing plan for Raconteur Agency and also working on client projects when marketing strategy and digital marketing are involved. 

This means that my ‘day-to-day’ is difficult to describe - I can be planning our events strategy, setting up digital ad campaigns, attending client meetings, writing copy and so much more on any given day. It means I’m kept very busy - but it’s amazing to work across such a diverse range of tasks. Everyday is different!

Aside from being a great place for professional development, the best thing about Raconteur is the culture. Company culture is a term that gets thrown around a lot - normally without much substance behind it. But Raconteur truly is a place where culture is prioritised above everything else. 

We have your usual ‘young hip company’ staples like a beer fridge and ping-pong table, but what is great about Raconteur’s culture is the fact that the people who work here genuinely care about each other. We happily spend our free time - whether that is during lunch or in the evenings after work - together. 

The company organises social activities for everyone to join in on - like our annual summer party, monthly coffee mornings and charity quizzes. But we are all encouraged to organise our own social activities - big or small. 

My own contribution to this has been Raconteur Wine Club - which, as the name would suggest, is a chance for us to get together to drink (and learn about!) some great wines. My previous experience was in the wine trade, so it was a way for me to share something I’m passionate about while also getting everyone together to have some fun after work. 

Not long after I joined Raconteur, I pitched the idea to our Managing Director, Will and Commercial Director, Richard. They told me to put together a plan, organise it and encourage people to join in. The responsibility was on me to get it done!

The fact that I could even approach senior management in this sort of capacity was amazing to me - in previous roles, the ‘people in charge’ were always locked away in corner offices where no one could bother them. But that sort of hierarchy doesn’t exist at Raconteur - senior management treats others, and are treated, exactly the same. 

A lot of companies talk about culture, professional development and crazy perks to make themselves look better - and it can all sound too good to be true. When I first heard about everything Raconteur offered, I didn’t think it could possibly be as great as it seemed. I remember before my first interview here, I looked up Raconteur’s Glassdoor scores. One review gave it 5 stars, with the comment “I got just as much out of the experience as I put in”. 

Having worked here for almost 2 years, I can tell you that their assessment is 100% accurate. 

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