Raconteur Careers
  • Al Zia Pervaiz

    Publishing Manager

    I value the transparency within this company and the opportunity everyone gets to be a part of something bigger than themselves

  • Alex Bowman Bassin

    Account Director

    Witnessing how much we’ve grown over the past three years and feeling genuinely excited about where we’re going is what does it for me!

  • Celina Lucey

    Graphic Designer

    I feel really privileged to work with such amazingly talented people – that’s the best thing about working here

  • Ed Prior

    Publishing Manager

    I feel really privileged to work with such amazingly talented people – that’s the best thing about working here

  • Ellen Shannon

    Lead Publisher

    The diversity in my day-to-day, while the great culture remains a constant. Seeing my name in The Times and working with global brands on industry-leading reports doesn't grow old, either.

  • Emily Summers

    Digital strategist

    I’m here for the free fruit! The people are a bonus. Everyone genuinely cares about what they do, and it shows in the quality of our work

  • Flavia Brown

    Account Director

    Our beautiful new office creates a great atmosphere for us all to work, hugely bolstered by the amazing people who fill it

  • Francesca Cassidy

    Digital Content Executive

    The people are the nicest bunch you'll ever meet, and really supportive in terms of how and where you want to grow

  • Frank Monaghan

    Senior Manager, Special Reports

    Being surrounded by bright, ambitious and hard-working colleagues is so inspiring. The culture is great, and every day is interesting – you can't beat that!

  • Georgie Cauthery

    Content Strategist

    I get to spend every day with some of the most inspiring, driven people I’ve ever worked with. We genuinely support and care for one another

  • Hannah Smallman

    Publishing Manager

    There are so many opportunities here if you're passionate. I'm challenged every day and surrounded by people who push me to be the best I can be

  • Jack Bailey

    Publishing Manager

    Raconteur provides the perfect atmosphere and platform for you to grow as a person and a professional

  • Jacob Herper

    Front End Developer

    It’s a daily pleasure to come into this vibrant office and spend time with the most ambitious and smart people I’ve ever worked with

  • James Brignull

    Digital Publishing Executive

    I love that I get to laugh and learn so much every single day

  • Jamie Studdert-Kennedy

    Lead Publisher

    The importance placed on individual responsibility is so refreshing. We’re afforded autonomy, but still get ongoing support and encouragement from colleagues

  • John Harvey

    Publishing Manager

    The people I get to interact with on a daily basis: be it senior clients, leading journalists or my supportive, bright colleagues

  • John Okell

    Head of Special Reports

    There are so many great people to learn from, and the opportunity to progress your career is second to none

  • Justyna O'Connell

    Head of Production

    It’s the friendly and supportive atmosphere plus the autonomy you're given within your role that I love. The table tennis is a bonus!

  • Kellie Jerrard

    Senior Designer

    I’m proud to work with such a talented and creative team of people, in a company that really cares about its employees and work we produce

  • Libby Owen Jones

    Lead Publisher

    Raconteur is a rare find. My career progression was clear from the outset and a huge focus is placed on learning, development and wellbeing

  • Lynnsay Martin

    Digital Executive

    The culture at Raconteur is second to none. Everyone is encouraged to take part in social activities and also organise them

  • Michelle Ingham

    Head of Client Services

    I love the autonomy, the challenging environment and the opportunity to create innovative solutions to interesting problems

  • Mike Kershaw

    Senior Account Director

    It’s fascinating to hear the plans of some of the world’s largest B2B brands and act as consultants to some of the best marketing talent out there

  • Patrick Morgan

    Publishing Manager

    Raconteur is fun, challenging and full of great people. Why wouldn't you want to work here?

  • Rob Birch

    Publishing Manager

    For me, the best thing is the variety. Each report I publish allows me to explore and learn about a different industry or sector

  • Sammy Tatla

    Head of Marketing

    I love being a part of a working culture that is encouraged to challenge the status quo and given the autonomy to test new ideas

  • Samuele Motta

    Senior Designer

    The autonomy and trust you're given to develop projects at your highest potential is amazing. Plus, I work daily with a talented, fun and supportive team

  • Sara Gelfgren

    Senior Illustrator

    The power of excellent design is well understood here! Projects get allocated with enough time for us to produce ambitious, high-quality work

  • Sarah Callaghan

    Content Strategist

    It’s rare to be able to work with such a talented, creative and motivated group of people

  • Tim Whitlock

    Head of Design

    I’m proud of the things we create and the team that creates them. I couldn’t ask to work with better people

  • Tom Watts

    Content Strategist

    I get to work alongside a group of incredibly talented, driven and, most importantly, supportive people

  • Vanessa Spencer

    Finance Assistant

    I enjoy working with exceptional individuals and in an edifying environment

  • Will Brookes

    Managing Director

    Everyone at Raconteur is given the chance to voice their opinion, and they're genuinely listened to in order to help us drive positive change